Monday, August 31, 2009

Back in school...finally!

2009-2010 school year has begun in Thomasville, Georgia

Ok, I am so sorry everyone, I have been awful at blogging. Blogging on the blogger site has been so slow, that I have not been in the mood to sit and wait for all the photos to upload, because all of you that know me, know that I LOVE to take photos and usually have lots to put up. So I downloaded Windows Live writer thinking that would help me load pics faster...well I was wrong. I am sure it works fine for everyone else. But for me, it won't let me publish to my blog. It gives me an error message that says I am forbidden. I don't know so now I am back to posting on the blogger site, until I find another program to do my posts with, that will not take so long.

Well, here is our first day of school pictures. Yes, I am late, we have been in school for a month now. Wow...I will put a post next that is of ours (and mine) adventures over the summer. The boys were busy, and I was very busy. I did a lot of traveling this summer, to experience lots of LDS Single Adult Activities. I totally enjoyed gallivanting all over the area making new friends, and trying new activities. Re-inventing myself, and finding things that I like to do.

Chandler (10) 5th grade-Thomas County Middle School, Owen (7)2nd grade-Garrison Pilcher Elementary, Hayden (4) Pre-K-Hand-in-Hand Primary School. All ready for school.

Chandler showing off his new outfit and backpack, he loves his new shirt, with the guitar on the front and the necks on the back.

Monday morning Aug 3, 2009 was the boys first day of school for the 2009-10 school year. Here is Owen showing off his new outfit and backpack.

Hayden says “thumbs up”, he is ready to go. He had to put on his helmet so he wouldn’t forget it. His class gets to ride trikes, so they have to have a helmet.

Every year the boys gets new shoes, so here are the ones they got this year.

Chandler making sure he has all his last minute items in his backpack so that he doesn't forget anything important. Owen and Hayden are all ready to go, showing me their cute smiles. :)

Hayden is waiting by the door. He is so ready to go. He is excited he finally gets to ride the bus with “the brothers”. He used to cry last year when "the brothers" would get to go get on the bus and he couldn't yet. So this is his year!

All three boys waiting on the front deck for their dad and I.

Down the steps, here we go… out the door at 6:45 am to get to the bus stop a few minutes early just in case the bus earlier than normal, since it's the first day.

Owen and Hayden walking toward the bus stop. Chandler was lagging a little behind.

There they go, all three of my boys together. Wow, I have anticipated this day for a long time, but now that it is finally here, I am not sure I am ready.

Chandler, me, Owen and Hayden waiting for the bus to come. I am excited and sad at the same time. I haven’t been away from Hayden like this before.

This is their old bus that they rode last year, but because of overcrowding, they got moved to another bus. The bus driver honked and waved as she drove by.

Here is a stair step photo of them. They all smiled so good, aren’t they so cute. I can’t believe they are growing up so fast.

Chandler, Owen and Hayden.

Here comes the bus up the road.

Hayden watching as the bus comes up the road to our stop. He is the first to get on the bus because he is the smallest. He's so cute standing there waiting to patiently for it to stop.

Hayden showed no hesitation, he just marches himself onto that bus, he waved bye and was gone. I think he is ready for this next step.

My boys are all on the bus ready to go to school... I was getting a little teary, but I didn't cry...(posted after, I cried the second day, because I didn't walk them to the bus stop. And I watched as Hayden proudly walked down the road to the bus stop. He was so excited, and felt so big. I shed a few tears that day).

Owen waving goodbye.

This is the bus from my front porch, leaving our neighborhood, on the way to school.

And of course I had to get photos of them getting off the bus. I was waiting, and some of my parents came to pick up their kids…so I asked them to wait for a minute so I could get at least Hayden getting off the bus since it was his first day.

Owen was first off the bus…

Then came Hayden…

...And finally Chandler.

My three boys walking home from the bus stop.

That is so nice that they stayed together. I am sure that won't last long. Everything to them becomes a race or competition (that's a Watson thing), so I am sure they will be running home from the bus stop soon enough.

They said they all had a good day. They each gave me a high five when they met me on the driveway. But I couldn’t get much more information out of them than that. They said they forgot…yeah right. Well, when I asked Hayden about lunch, he said he didn’t eat. So I looked at the menu and asked the different items if he ate them, and he said no, except for the milk. He said he drank chocolate milk. :) My boy, has to have his chocolate. I love them so much, well I hope he eats at least a little bit.

So I guess the first day of school went pretty good. And so begins the next chapter of their lives....

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Love the stair-step picture! I'll have to try that sometime. . .
Good to have you back in blogland. I wish I could help you figure out that Live Writer problem! How frustrating!